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Edition Month 10 | 2016
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Big data, smart industry, IoT, cloud robotics, virtual and augmented reality – none of this is science fiction any more. When it comes to robotisation and automation, where do the opportunities and challenges lie?

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Digital momentum

Companies and governments should not shy away from digitisation and robotisation; instead, they should embrace it. That was the message in the report called

“We need to step out of our comfort zone!”

The Netherlands is starting from a unique position of strength in the digital revolution – for now. “We need to hurry up and expand our head start;...

Long live transience

For a food manufacturer, it’s important that consumers are not disappointed when they make a repeat purchase of a product. So no surprises, because they could...

Investing in the future

Master butcher Hanspeter Baer was considered extremely brave when, in 1999, he decided to start selling fresh olives and antipasti instead of meat and home-smoked...

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