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Edition Month 12 | 2017
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What every manufacturer ultimately wants is to make customised products with better quality and at lower costs. Recent figures reveal that the food industry is investing heavily in the enabling technologies such as big data processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, adaptive robots and 3D printing. 

In this edition
Research on the consequences of a hard Brexit

The COV has recently mentioned the great impact that the Brexit can have for the Dutch meat export, and Dutch meat producers. 

The fresh food store of 2025

Do you have passion for your products and for your store? Do you know where your power lies, and do you acknowledge your weaknesses? Do you dare to change, do you...

Investments in robotics increased

Robotization gets more and more foothold in the Dutch food industry. This is stated by the ‘Sector Advisory Food companies in economic perspective’...

Packaging innovation: fully compostable

Since week 49 ProMessa packs meat in a compostable packaging.

Full steam ahead for the food industry

Showing an increase of 5.4 percent, the Dutch food industry has achieved its highest production growth in five years according to the FNLI’s Food Industry...

A peek behind the scenes in a kosher kitchen

The contents of the pots and pans are simmering on the stove at catering company Langerhuize. Every day the firm prepares between 3,000 and 4,000 meals for...

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