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Do you need new lockers for your staff? Consider Ultrabox, the locker that is very suitable for companies that need to work under hygienic conditions.

We spoke with Toine Suijkerbuijk, owner of Locker.nl, about the possibilities of Ultrabox. Probe Manufacturing from England produces it and Locker.nl is the importer and exclusive dealer of these plastic lockers for the Netherlands. Toine’s company comes from the office & project design of his mother. “She has been in the business for 32 years, and I have been working together with her since 2007. I want to reduce the office and project design activities this year. From then on, I want to focus entirely on the lockers and safes”, he clarifies. “That will be my core business, that’s what I want to go for.” 


In addition to the plastic lockers, Toine also sells lockers made of trespa, steel, wood and stainless steel. “Only the Ultrabox and Ultrabox Plus are really suitable for the food industry”, he explains. “The stainless steel locker is also possible, but that is a fairly expensive option.” The doors, boards and housing of the Ultrabox are made of so-called MDPE, medium density polyethylene. “The material is 100% vandal-proof and can be used under extreme climatic conditions from -29 to 40 degrees Celsius”, Toine Suijkerbuik states. “But perhaps even more important is the antimicrobial resistance. The polyethylene contains an inorganic, antibacterial additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast. This antimicrobial addition is called Revolve N-272. Without getting too technical; Revolve N-272 is also very effective against the MRSA bacteria (Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the bacterium so feared in hospitals. Ideal for a hospital environment, but also great for the food industry. “Because Revolve has been poured into the material during production, the antibacterial effect remains, even if the surface of the locker is damaged”, Toine clarifies. “With normal use, Locker.nl provides a 10-year warranty on the Ultrabox. The material is very solid.”


‘The material is vandal-proof’ 


Waterproof and other options

Toine Suijkerbuijk recently placed lockers at Delta Mossel in Yerseke on Zuid-Beveland. “The company had steel lockers that were completely rusted due to the salty sea air”, he illustrates. “That is not very hygienic and also not desirable if you want to use them to store clean clothes or even food. They were very happy with the plastic locker solution and chose the Ultrabox Plus, the waterproof variant. The Ultrabox lockers can be placed above the ground with the help of pedestals. “The pedestals are available in different sizes, and you can combine them to place as many lockers on them as possible”, he says. “The pedestals with or without a bench are ideal for wet areas and you can use the adjustable legs to place the lockers on an uneven surface. You can also equip the legs with anchor feet to attach them to the substrate.” Locker.nl supplies the Ultrabox in different colours and with a great variety of locks. “Virtually every type of lock has a waterproof of weather-resistant option. For instance, we have the lock with a key or padlock, a digital or mechanical combination lock, a coin lock on the inside, and an RFID lock, which you operate with a chip. Also optional is the sloping top to prevent the accumulation of dirt or staff putting items on top of the locker.

Fast delivery

Locker.nl has a large stock of lockers in its 1,000 m2 storage. “We can deliver from our own stock very quickly, but also order from England”, Toine Suijkerbuijk states. “And thanks to our own assembly crew, we can complete a turn-key project within four weeks. The Ultrabox is also remarkably durable. Did I mention the material is very strong and solid? Moreover, the material is 100% recyclable.” The Ultrabox Plus is even suitable to be placed outside in the sun and rain. “The waterproof options, such as the sealing strip on the inside and a water-resistant lock, are included. This means the Ultrabox Plus can be placed outside without any issue. Try doing that with a steel or trespa locker”, Toine Suijkerbuijk concludes.


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