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The COV has recently mentioned the great impact that the Brexit can have for the Dutch meat export, and Dutch meat producers. 

A hard Brexit will result in a drastic reduction of meat export of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom and of the corresponding courses. This will also create a serious crisis on the European meat market.

On behalf of its members the European Organisation for the meat sector, where the COV is a member, has started a study on the impact of the Brexit to quantify the effects.

The study comes to the following consequences of a hard Brexit for the European meat sector:
- A relapse of the EU27 exports to the UK from 84% beef, 76% lamb and 48% for pork; as a result, the EU beef production will lose 2.4 billion euros in value and the EU pork production 2.3 billion euros. And in addition there will be 32.000 jobs lost. 

The report therefore recommends a long-term and adequate transition period to handle the Brexit and to work towards equivalence of post-Brexit regulation in the EU and the UK. 

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